Who we are

Our Mission

We are guided by the belief that renewable and clean energy is a core need for productive and healthy communities. Vianne strives to solve energy needs with clean, sustainable solar electricity and thereby empowers communities with health advantages, educational and economic opportunities, and shifts dependence on fossil fuels and/or expensive and unreliable energy sources.

Our Approach in rural areas

Challenges: Off the grid, no reliable electricity

There are vast areas and millions of people living without infrastructure, electrical providers, or a reliable electrical grid. In these areas, there is a reliance on fuel generators that are noisy, polluting, require maintenance, and fuel for generators can be expensive and difficult to access.

Vianne solutions: Better quality of life and productivity

  • Solar lighting allows more flexibility with all activities of daily living including children’s study time.
  • Electrical power enhances quality of life by providing more options for food preservation; a connection to the world with radio and television; communication with cell phone charging. The community is empowered with basic electricity needs for schools, hospitals, and congregations.

Our Approach in Urban Areas

Challenges: unreliable grid, power outage, insecurity

Even with access to grid and electrical providers, urban areas suffer from frequent power outages and often infeasible pricing. Major towns have sections in darkness that facilitates burglaries, robberies, and other crime. Work productivity is greatly reduced when the grid power goes down.

Vianne solutions: Security, reliability, productivity

Solar lighting enhances security and safety in urban environments. Productivity of organizations is enhanced by providing offices with cost effective and reliable electrical energy.

Our Team

We believe in grassroots solutions, leadership, and in building capacity. Our team is on the ground from the areas we serve with the knowledge of the local needs and challenges. We provide training for job security, independence, and perpetuating sustainable solution-driven projects.

Our young men and women include engineers, technicians who will go the extra mile because they believe in what they do. They adapt the best technologies available, using the USA standards, for the local environment and make them affordable to the local population. Our team will design, execute and maintain your installations to the highest standard of quality and customer service.


Vianne was created by an Electrical Engineer with African roots. He travelled the world and came to the simple conclusion that without reliable source of energy, especially electrical energy, no sustained development is possible.

Up to October 2017, Vianne invested on 52 installations in developing countries including 22 off-grid systems in rural areas, 6 off-grid systems for urban residential, 5 rural hospitals, Government and non-government agencies, public lighting, water wells

October 2009 Vianne Inc. was created in the USA.The early years focused the activity in the USA, learning from the best, understanding the quality standards, the technology and the network, for its applications in developing countries

Jan 2010 The grid tied installation in Houston Texas, 3 kW, residential

April 2011 Vianne opens its first branch in Africa: Douala - Cameroon

April 2011 The first hands on training delivered in Douala, Cameroon

Nov 2011 Certification as PV Installation Professional, by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)

Jun 2012 the first off grid solar installations in Cameroon in the rural areas of center region of Cameroon.

Aug 2014 first upscale Home solar installation in cities

Dec 2014 First major installation for a business, 500W

May 2015 The first off grid solar installation for rural Hospitals

Feb 2017 First Off grid community lighting

Oct 2017 First solar powered water well