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Solar powered water well in rural Africa

Access to clean water is a daily challenge some populations in various parts of the world especially in some countries in Africa face today. Non access to clean water contributes to the spread of waterborne diseases including typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea.

In many cases the water is just, 30-80 m (100-260 ft.) below. Drilling a water well combined with a submersible pump to get the water to the surface can be prohibitive.

Vianne, with your help, installs water wells and use solar electricity to bring the water to the surface. With clean, potable water, heathier populations can be empowered, proudly rise from poverty and contribute to the local economy.

Example for of a water well with a pump that is powered by solar electricity:

Water well with submersible pump powered by solar electricity, cost 8500 USD
Total vertical lift of 230 ft (70m), flow of 36 gallons/min (136 liters/min)
All price inclusive (drilling the well, pump, piping)