DONATE Complete Package Hospital

A complete system for rural Hospitals setting in Africa where there is no or little electricity available for the care givers to provide their daily life saving work. This system delivers the required electricity powered by an autonomous solar installation; it provides:

  • Lighting so that day or night, you can See, no use of kerosene lamps in delivery rooms
  • Vaccine storage and Handling with Refrigerator and freezers to insure a temperature-controlled environment from the time of manufacture to administration of the vaccine. This package include the refrigerator and freezers that will ensure the chain of cold so that vaccine remain potent as they are administered to children.
  • Power to electrical equipment such as microscopes, centrifuges, Incubator, hematology mixers, the basic equipment needed in rural hospitals.
Example of rural hospital setup to provide lighting, vaccine storage, power electrical equipment

1.5 kW solar power system, with 4 days battery autonomy. Also included is the vaccine storage system, Total cost of the package: 23,200 USD

Option to include all other electrical equipment for an additional cost 2000 – 8000 USD depending on the specifications

  • Centrifuge : 1 of 425 watts for 1 hours use per day
  • Hematology Mixer : 1 of 30 watts for 1 hours use per day
  • Microscope : 1 of 15 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Incubator : 1 of 400 watts for 3 hours use per day
  • Laptop Computer: 1 of 70 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Printer: 1 of 65 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Vaccine Refrigerator/Freezer (225 liters): 1 of 27 watts for 24 hours use per day
  • Lighting - 100 watts equiv CFL lamp: 2 of 15 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Lighting - 75 watts equiv CFL lamp: 3 of 11 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Lighting Outdoors - 75 watts equiv CFL lamp: 2 of 11 watts for 12 hours use per day
  • Lighting - 60 watts equiv CFL lamp: 10 of 7 watts for 4 hours use per day

*All lamps are efficient high CFL Lights: a 7 watt CFL lamp is the equivalent of 60 watts incandescent lamp

**Consecutive cloudy days when sun does not power the system and it runs solely on batteries


Let’s equip them, they save lives

Like in this rural hospital in Mvom Nnam in rural Cameroon, all these care givers need is the basic tools to do their work. They cant if there is no electricity.

Let’s provide them with lighting to see

Functinning and reliable refrigerator and freezer to store the vaccines properly so that the can actually save lives are they are meant to do

Enough electricity to for their microscopes, incubators for new born babies, centrifuges

Vianne tackle these challenges, with your help the impact can be much greater.