DONATE Electrical power for schools

With sunlight, a black board, chalk and a committed teacher, most school in rural Africa can pass on the knowledge to the children, the next generation. To equip these children with more than the basics, to give them a chance to be productive and part of a bigger community, they need basic lighting to study at night and power school electrical equipment.

In most rural environment in Cameroon, agrarian parents whose tuition costs are derived largely from cocoa and coffee sales are now struggling with issues of climate change and an unstable cocoa and coffee market. They are not able to fund the school properly to cope with electricity needs.

With your Help, Vianne will provide lighting at night for kids to study and teachers to better prepare for classes. It will allow kids especially in vocational schools to use training equipment, run experiments, use a computer to study better and become more productive citizens of the world.

Example lighting* and electrical power for a vocational school in rural Cameroon,

480 Watts system, with 3 days battery autonomy**, cost 8700 USD

  • Classrooms lighting – Lamps: 8 of 7 watts for 3 hours use per day
  • Teachers office lighting - Lamps : 2 of 7 watts for 3 hours use per day
  • Practicals / Labs lighting - Lamps: 3 of 7 watts for 3 hours use per day
  • Bathrooms lighting - Lamps: 2 of 7 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Other rooms - Lamps: 2 of 7 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Security lighting outside - Lamps: 2 of 11 watts for 10 hours use per day
  • Television and DVD player for educational programs: 1 of 100 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Phone chargers: 2 of 10 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Training equipment vocational school: 3 of 75 watts for 2 hours use per day

*All lamps are efficient high CFL Lights: a 7 watt CFL lamp is the equivalent of 60 watts incandescent lamp

**Consecutive cloudy days when sun does not power the system and it runs solely on batteries


Boarding school class in Nkolvé (Centre Region) Cameroon – Night use

This classroom is transforming from the sewing class into a study class at night as the tables are shuffled around and the sewing machines parked away.

The study time in the evening is short due to lack or little electricity and the falling darkness by 6:30PM.

Vianne with your help installs lighting in classrooms, to helps children study at night

Boarding school class in Nkolvé (Centre Region) Cameroon – Day use

This picture taken by a teacher in Sep 2016 with low resolution cellphone

During the day time, this classroom is a sewing class. Due to lack of electricity, these sewing machines are mechanical, a foot pedal drives the sewing. The student’s parents might have used the same machines years before.

Vianne will your help install lighting in classrooms, and provide enough electrical power for these students to learn with equipment of their generation