DONATE Electricy for delivery rooms and more

In rural settings, in additon to lighting, some equipment that require electrical power like microscopes, centrifuges, Incubator, hematology mixers require electrical to work.

Vianne, with your help, is providing the much needed electricity by the means of solar power. With the functionning equipment the medical staff can focus on the care of their patients.

Example of rural hospital with setup basic electrical equipment in rural Cameroon

960 Watts solar power system, with 3 days battery autonomy*, cost 15,800 USD

  • Centrifuge : 1 of 450 watts for 1 hours use per day
  • Hematology Mixer : 1 of 30 watts for 1 hours use per day
  • Microscope : 1 of 15 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Incubator : 1 of 400 watts for 3 hours use per day
  • Laptop Computer: 1 of 70 watts for 4 hours use per day
  • Printer: 1 of 65 watts for 2 hours use per day
  • Phone chargers: 4 of 10 watts for 2 hours use per day

*Consecutive cloudy days when sun does not power the system and it runs solely on batteries

Many equipment require electricity to function in a hospital

It is 9PM, it is dark, a boy just came in with is mother, with high fever 10 degrees celcius (105 degrees Fahrenheit) with shaking chills.

A microscopy exam in addition to other symptoms interpretation can provide a clear diagnostic to malaria, one of the dealiest desease in Africa. This will only be possible is if there is electricity to power that microscope.

Vianne, is providing solar electricity to hospitals so that electrical equipment are readily available for care gives to save lives.