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Solar street lighting

Evenings in rural equatorial Africa are usually short. After a day at the farm, caring for livestock, gatherings for announcements, or to discuss the affairs of the community take place when most domestic tasks as completed.

For a typical rural village, far from the electrical grid, where kerosene lamps are the norm in houses, all these activities take place before sunset, the falling night comes with its biggest challenges: you can’t see. Not having street lights or parking lights in community gathering places, people can’t meet, kids cannot study, and there is less security in the village.

Vianne, with your help is installing solar powered street lights, and parking lights, placed in communal areas of the village, where people meet, discuss, study. With lighting, local commerce grows, people safely hang out a little more. Overall the villagers are empowered, become more productive.

Example Solar Street light,

Street or parking light with long lasting and bright LED ; cost 4800 USD per unit. the LED light is powered by 240W solar electricity system


Solar powered street light in Centre region Cameroon

As the sun goes down, this usually is the end of any productive activity in rural areas in africa where with litle or no electricity

With solar street light or parking lights, people interact more, improving the communitigy activities and their security

Vianne with your help installs solar powered street light for cummuties safety and improved productivity.