DONATE Vaccine Storage and Handling

Vaccination protects children from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases which can include amputation of an arm or leg, paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death

Vaccines must be stored and handled following a proper cold chain, that is a temperature-controlled environment from the time of manufacture to administration of the vaccine.

It is better to not vaccinate than to administer a dose of vaccine that has not been stored properly.

With little or electricity, most rural locations in Africa cannot store properly the life savings vaccines, and millions of children are administered vaccines that have been mishandled, mostly because they were not stored properly.

Vianne, with your help is equiping rural hospitals with refrigerators and freezers to store vaccines properly, powered by solar electricity.

Example of rural hospital with setup for lighting only in rural Cameroon

Vaccine storage unit, 240 Watts solar power system, with 6 days battery autonomy*, cost 7,844 USD

Refrigerator/freezer combo unit of 120 liters (4.2 cu.ft)

  • Powered by a 240 W solar system
  • With a 6 days batteries autonomy
  • Includes the cost of the vaccine storage unit

*Consecutive cloudy days when sun does not power the system and it runs solely on batteries

Delivering lifesaving vaccines from a city to rural areas

In North-West Region Cameroon, like in most of the country, more than 90% of health centers do not have a dedicate mean of transportation. Vaccination nurses, carrying coolers containing vaccines, rely solely on “benskins” the motorcycle that can tackle the treacherous unpaved roads to deliver lifesaving vaccines to the ones most in need.

Vianne in working on reducing burden by installing solar powered fridges and freezer close to localities that need them.


Vaccination session in rural area in Cameroon

The day of vaccination session… following weeks of announcements, mothers organize themselves to take their kids, and other kids in the village to the vaccination center.

The mothers assume the vaccine administered to their children have been handled properly.

Vianne, by providing adequate fridges and freezers, powered by solar electricity ensure the chain of cold in maintained so that vaccines delivered to the children are potent.