Who we are



Dew fall on a Solar Panel installed on a straw roof in Equatorial forest Africa - 2013


Accelerate communities’ access to reliable and sustainable energy, for healthier and more productive lives


We solve energy needs, empower rural and urban populations in Africa with integrity by means of solar electricity


Solar lighting on resort in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Our Focus

Renewable and clean energy is an essential component in the energy mix today. We harness sunlight and convert it into clean energy with solar panels. The energy harnessed and stored is used to:

  • Generate electricity for home and businesses
  • Power up Health care facilities and schools
  • Provide lighting for public places
  • Lift up clean water from wells



Installing a solar panel on an aluminum roof in rural Africa, Cameroon 2014

Homes – Rural areas

There are vast areas and millions of people living with limited or no access to electricity.

In these areas, there is a reliance on fuel generators alone can be costly or unreliable in addition to noisy and pollution. A standalone off grid solar electricity generation is the optimal solution

Homes – Urban areas

In urban areas, where electricity is available but not reliable, an off grid solar electricity system is a good alternative or a complement to generators as a power back up solution. During the hours or days when grid electricity is not available, your solar electricity system will partially or fully your house. This will keep you functional and maintain your safety when most of the area is in the dark.

Apartment complex with solar electricity backup solution for power outage, Yaoundé Cameroon, 2017

Cameroon’s National Olympic Committee headquarters in Yaoundé, Cameroon 2014


When the power goes out, your business does not have to stop. An off grid solar electricity system can keep you going by powering our critical items such as lighting, computers in order to maintain a decent level of productivity.


Healthcare centers

In most rural health centers in rural Africa, there no or little electricity available for the care givers to provide adequately their daily life saving work. An off grid solar solution will provide

  • Lighting so that day or night, you can See, no more use of kerosene lamps in delivery rooms
  • Vaccine storage with Refrigerator and freezers powered by solar electricity to insure the 24/7 temperature-controlled environment required for vaccines to remain potent as they are administered to children and pregnant women
  • Electrical power to equipment such as microscopes, centrifuges, Incubator, hematology mixers, the basic equipment needed in rural hospitals. This will ensure a proper diagnostic of diseases and administer the proper care.

Lighting up in a rural Health center in Cameroon, 2015

Typical classroom as in many rural areas in Africa


With sunlight, a black board, chalk and a committed teacher, most school in rural Africa can pass on the knowledge to the next generation. To equip these children with more than the basics, to give them a chance to be productive and part of a bigger community, they need basic lighting to study at night and power school electrical equipment. With electricity, kids especially in vocational schools can use training equipment, run experiments, use a computer to study better and become more productive citizens of the world.


Provide lighting for public places

Evenings in rural equatorial Africa are usually short. After a day at the farm, caring for livestock, there is a need for a well lid up place for to discuss the affairs of the community or just hang out before bedtime.

Solar powered street light, 2016


School boy drinking water after playing with friends

Lift up clean water from wells

Access to clean water is a daily challenge some populations in various parts of the world especially in some countries in Africa face today. Non-access to clean water contributes to the spread of waterborne diseases including typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea.

We install water wells with solar powered submersible pump to provide clean water from a trusted 30-80 m (100 to 250 ft) layer in the ground to the surface


Female technician securing solar panels to the roof, 2015

Vianne Technicians following a roof top solar installation in a rural area, 2015

Our Team

Vianne has on-the-ground culturally specific knowledge and experience of conditions in remote areas of Cameroon, Africa where we have provided during the last since 2012 solar electricity in more than 60 homes, small businesses, schools, and hospitals

We believe in grassroots solutions, leadership, and in building capacity. Our team is on the ground from the areas we serve with the knowledge of the local needs and challenges. We provide training for job security, independence, and perpetuating sustainable solution-driven projects.

Our young men and women include engineers, technicians who will go the extra mile because they believe in what they do. They adapt the best technologies available, using the USA standards, for the local environment and make them affordable to the local population. Our team will design, execute and maintain your installations to the highest standard of quality and customer service.


Our History

Vianne was created by an Electrical Engineer with African roots. He travelled the world and came to the simple conclusion that without reliable source of energy, especially electrical energy, no sustained development is possible.

Up to October 2018, Vianne invested more than 60 installations in developing countries including off-grid systems in rural areas, off-grid systems for urban residential, rural hospitals, Government and non-government agencies, public lighting, water wells

Oct 2009 Vianne Inc. was created in the USA. The early years focused the activity in the USA, learning from the best, understanding the quality standards, the technology and the network, for its applications in developing countries

Jan 2010 First grid tied installation in USA, Houston Texas, 3 kW, residential

Apr 2011 Vianne opens its first branch in Africa: Douala – Cameroon

Apr 2011 First Training delivered in Douala, Cameroon

Nov 2011 Certification as PV Installation Professional, by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)

Jun 2012 First off grid solar installations in Cameroon in the rural areas of center region of Cameroon.

Aug 2014 First upscale Home solar installation in urban environment, Douala Cameroon

Dec 2014 First major installation for a business, 500W

May 2015 First off grid solar installation for rural Hospitals

Aug 2016 First solar street light

Feb 2017 First Off grid community lighting

Oct 2017 First solar powered water well

Team working session in the field, rural Cameroon, 2012

Checking the electrical response of a Solar Panels in early days in rural Africa, 2012