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Iya - Village family home, and phone charge business

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Type: Rural Installation
Installation year: 2014
System size: 120 W, off-grid
Location: Jerusalem, Centre Region, Cameroon
As a village chief, he had weekly phone meetings with his superior in town. He could not easily fulfil that engagement because he could not charge his cellphone regularly. His main difficulty was that the 500+ habitants of his village and neighboring ones have to converge every couple of days to a single point of phone charging station that use fuel generator. In addition to the cost, it was time consuming. Chief Iya decided to turn the situation around and got a solar system with Vianne. Now, in addition to charging his own phones, others can charge their phones from his house for a fee. This system has 4 lighting points and can run small electrical equipment. Soccer which the national sport can also be watched from his TV, keeping a closer relationship with the community that he leads.