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  • Title: Keep meat fresh at "ministere du soya" at Ndobo
  • Customer Type: Local Government
  • Location: Douala - Bonaberi

  • Solar System Size: 8 kW
  • Type: Cold Room
  • Installed: 2023

Summary: The Barbecue and pitmasters cooks in Cameroon produce excellent soya, which is authentic Cameroon barbecue made from fresh cow meat. There is a market place called 'Minister of Soya' in French where you can enjoy your food straight from the wooden grill on the street. After a butcher slaughters a cow, he keeps it in VianneFresh, our solar-powered cold room. The meat is kept at a temperature between 2-4 degrees Celsius, very cold but not frozen, to maintain its taste. The frequent power outages in Douala do not affect our cold rooms. After 2 to 4 days, the pitmasters pick up their meat and grill it directly, producing excellent Soya..

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