The Problem

  • An estimated 1/3 of the food produced ends up rotting in the trash due to poor preservation practices.
  • Unsafe and poorly regulated conservation of meat products from slaughterhouse to sale.
  • Frequent power cuts from the grid, not available in many cities
  • It is expensive to maintain the cold chain in warehouses and distribution centers for vaccines and medication because of frequent power outages and the cost of running generators.

Our solutions

  • Prolong freshness of fruit, crops, fish, meat, milk
  • Agriculture: Reduce crop losses, control supply and pricing
  • Meat: Store meat carcasses for 2 weeks,
  • Markets, supermarkets: keep your products cool and fresh
  • Guaranty of the cold chain for vaccines, laboratory reagents, blood, insulin, etc. They are preserved at a controlled temperature of 2-8°C.

The Benefits

  • Reduce food waste even in areas with no electricity
  • Direct purchase and rental options available
  • Peace of mind, your food, drinks, or medicine will always be conserved at the right temperature and not get spoiled.
  • Includes temperature monitoring and recording

Who we serve (our customers)

  • Farmers, fishermen and livestock owners
  • Food market for fruits and vegetables
  • Meat processing and butchers
  • Pharmaceutical medical warehouses companies
  • Government
  • NGOs
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