The Problem

  • The absence of lights at night on roads, public places, homes, and companies leads to insecurity, crime, and theft.
  • The lack of illumination on roads at night leads to car accidents and pedestrian accidents.
  • Current grid electricity lighting is a heavy burden on communities' operating budget.
  • Traditional road lighting is not possible in remote areas where electrical grid does not exist
  • Traditional street lighting requires running cables between lamp posts. Burying them is costly, and running them in the air exposes them to vandalism.

Our solutions

  • Street and road lighting
  • Home exterior lighting
  • Parking lots Parks, Building security projectors
  • Billboards, Emergency warning
  • Temporary construction lighting
  • Temporary pole mounted lighting during event

The Benefits

  • Energy independent and easy to install
  • Cost effective, no electricity bill for the next 10 years.
  • They can be controlled by sunrise/sunset photocells, timers, switches, motion sensors, or infrared sensors.
  • Durable and Low maintenance
  • Can put them anywhere (almost)
  • They use clean and renewable energy

Who we serve (our customers)

  • Individuals
  • Business and organizations
  • Farmers, fishermen and livestock owners
  • Health centers, hospitals, clinics
  • Government
  • City councils
  • NGOs
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