The Problem

  • Running water is not available in most locations in the country, in addition to poor quality water and untimely water cuts.
  • The quality and sustainability of equipment are the primary challenges facing drinking water supply in rural Cameroon
  • Studies carried out in several localities show that nearly half of the water wells currently built are generally broken down due to technical and technological choices in relation to the location

Our solutions

  • Provide communities with clean water to reduce waterborne diseases from polluted streams and shallow wells.
  • Standalone system, no need for a power grid or generator
  • Sale of ready-to-install solar water pump kits for various applications

The Benefits

  • Water is always available; just open the tap to get it
  • No water bills or electricity bills
  • Solar pumps can be installed almost anywhere

Who we serve (our customers)

  • Individuals
  • Business and organizations
  • Farmers, fishermen and livestock owners
  • Health centers, hospitals, clinics
  • Government
  • NGOs
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