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Government rural Hospital - Babungo

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Type: Rural Hospital
Installation year: 2015
System size: 240 W, Standalone, power backup
Location: Babungo, North West Region, Cameroon
Babungo, is a village in the grassfield and hilly region of the north west region of Cameroon. Its culture is deep and has one of the well-equipped museums in the country. This hospital is a government owned facility. Yet like any other infrastructure, the grid power outage are part of life here, fuel generators are very costly and sometimes unreliable. The Kume family donated a solar electric installation to allow patients and medical staff to have basic lighting (14 lighting points) and power basic electrical equipment like microscope, cell phones chargers. Now patient can gather and chat in well lid rooms because of solar electricity. Nights are shorter, there is sense of community in the hospital. All these small steps help in patient healing and recovery.