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Rural Hospital - Nkolvé

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Type: Rural Hospital
Installation year: 2015
System size: 160 W, Standalone, power backup
Location: Nkolvé, Centre Region, Cameroon
This was the first solar installation of Vianne in a hospital. The Nkolvé rural hospital opened in 1960 by a catholic religious organization. Today is serves close to 15 villages in the region. This rural hospital has been depending on scarce grid electricity, a couple of days a week. The rest of the time especially at night, they relied on kerosene lamps (with fumes) for lighting even during deliveries. Sponsored by a local family, Vianne installed a solar electricity system with 16 lighting points in various rooms and areas of the hospital and the ability to connect small electrical equipment. On June 3, 2015 at 11:08 PM Charlotte was born, the first baby in the region greeted into the world with solar lighting.